Monday, October 18, 2021

Serene: Greedy Little Fucker

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

I am finally getting the hell out of this dump. Everything is lined up and I have a wonderful retirement plan set up. I've been stealing from the company for years and have my money in a nice off shore account; I just have to get to the airport and then off to enjoy the sunshine in my hair. I have my bag packed and I make a quick phone call to get a company car sent over to take me to the airport.After waiting for entirely too long, I finally, I hear a knock at the door and a large man asks if I ordered a car. I let him in and tell him that my bags are right over there, pointing across the room. He shuts the door behind him and reaches out placing his hand over my mouth and forcibly bending me of the end of my couch. I scream into his hand wondering what in the hell he thinks he's doing! He tells me that he and I are going to have a little talk. He pulls my arms behind my back and coils rope around my wrists. I try to kick at him but he catches my leg between his pinning! it in place. I demand that he get off me, stating that I'm going to call the cops. He laughs and tells me he doesn't think I'll be doing that since the police would be very interested in all the money I've embezzled. I deny it, there's no way he has any proof and right now, he's just the big oaf that's attacked me. Ivan tells me that me that he has evidence of all the money I've stolen. He has copies of e-mails I've sent as well as other information obtained via a keystroke installed on my computer. Since he works in the mailroom he has access to a lot of things in the office. He stands me up and keeps his hand on my throat pinning me against the wall. My breathing is loud and labored and you can see the fear cross my face as I realize that I've been caught, but I'm not giving in yet. I'm not sure what to say at this point. He tells me that I can either share the money or he can just tie me up and keep me for a while since I won't be missed. I had! already set up my "vacation" well in advance so I could l! eave the country. He ties another rope around my chest just below my breasts and upper arms, then circles around to go above them really making them stand out. I try to tell him that I didn't take a lot of money, just enough for my vacation. Ivan knows too much though, he knows how much money I've taken, or at least a minimum amount. He tells me that he wants my pin number and account number so he can take half of the money and then I can be on my merry little way. That's just not going to happen though. I've been doing this for 3 years and it was not easy, I've put in far too much time and effort for him to just get half because he stumbled upon something in the mail room!I try to pull away from him but Ivan shoves me into the wall hard squishing my breasts against it. He tells me that the more work it takes him to get the money, the more he plans to take. I tell him that this isn't work, it's him having a few happy hours. He grabs me by the hair and pulls it! hard. He tells me that he's a nice guy and is going to let me keep half, I reply in a sarcastic tone. <br><br>That didn't do any good at all. He stuffs a big ball of cloth in my mouth and winds wide white microfoam take around my head as I squeal and yell at him through the gag. Once I'm gagged, he brings me to the couch and gets to work on my legs tying them below the knee and at the ankle. I try to offer Ivan a quarter of the money but he's being a greedy little fucker and still wants half. He grabs at my breasts and unbuttons my blouse pulling them out, pinching my nipples and pinching them between his fingers. He tells me that that's nothing compared to how much the pliers will hurt pinching my perky nipples. He places the pliers on my lap to give me something to think about. He then stands up and tells me it's now gone to sixty percent since he had to do so much work. Hea then leaves me alone. <br><br>The first thing I do is slide o! ver and shove the pliers in the couch to hide them. I then pull on the ! ropes trying to get out of them so I can get away from this crazy freak. He comes back and looks for the pliers but there's no way I'm going to tell him that. He looks for them for a moment and then decides that his fingers can do the job just fine. He pinches them hard making me squeal. He ties me into a hogtie on the couch so I don't get any extra feisty while he goes to grab the truck. He carries my stuff out to the car and tells me it will be seventy percent when he gets back. I still can't believe this is happening! I fall off the couch as I struggle hitting it hard but not hard enough to knock any ropes loose. I offer him forty percent, I mean I spent 3 years on this, and that's still a lot of money. He refuses and I yell in frustration. I finally cave and offer fifty. He says seventy percent or nothing. He picks me up and I offer fifty five, offering sixty as he carries me out..
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Format: Windows Media
Duration: 17:00
Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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